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A word from Katherine Ruonala

The building of a strong academy that would equip believers to live and release the kingdom in every sphere of society has been a long held desire of our hearts. We have also seen the need for solid biblical training coupled with practical experience and training in the gifts of the Spirit and righteousness as essential for a church planting network. The Academy has been birthed to see believers rooted and grounded in the love of God, solidly built on sound theology and trained in practical application. It is my firm belief that the Academy will be a launch pad for explosive kingdom growth in the future.

Katherine Ruonala

Senior Leader of Glory City Church, Brisbane, and
the Glory City Network, Academy Principal, Founder of the Australian
Prophetic Council, Recognised HIM Apostle

Over the course of this year God has completely transformed my life. Having only been a Christian for 3 months at the time, applying for The Academy was a huge step of faith for me. I suffered with severe anxiety for most of my life but God completely set me free in the first two weeks of The Academy. And through the profound teaching I’ve received this year and the incredible community, I’ve grown immensely in my walk with God. I’ve learnt to accurately hear His voice, discovered my identity in Him, and as a result living in freedom from sin. The things that I’ve learnt have allowed me to set biblical, foundational values in all spheres of my life.

Lael Arama

First Year Student 2020

Being a part of the Academy for two years has been absolutely life altering!! God has taken me on a journey of deep discovery of who He is and who I am. It has been profoundly impacting to go on that journey with the other students, and grow in God together. I know that what God has done in my heart whilst I’ve been here, will stay with me for the rest of my entire life.

Casey Knight

Second Year Student 2020

For me the Academy has been a life-changing journey. It has given me a greater understanding of my identity as a righteous son, which has opened the door to an incredible relationship with God. Completing second year has equipped me with practical skills to pursue my calling and dreams, to live intentionally and purposely. It has opened my eyes to the possibilities of what life with God can actually look like!!

Matthew Knight

Second Year Student 2020

I started my Academy adventure at the start of 2019, and hands down, it has been the most amazing, yet challenging experience of my life. Nearly two years later and I can’t even fully recognise the zealous man that moved to Brisbane, from Newcastle, NSW. The journey has been marked by a plethora of deep personal transformation, healing and freedom moments, as well as an ever-increasing revelatory theological understanding. I know confidently that I will finish my time as a student at the Academy with an expectancy for God to move across the nations, like never before!

Josiah Trigg

Second Year Student 2020

I am a First-Year student of the Academy 2020 and I have found that God is never done when it comes to leading and comforting us. In 2019 I had graduated from the Academy, before later feeling the Lord calling me to do it ALL OVER AGAIN! I could not have made a better choice. He has started to release me into greater realms of authority, personally taught me how to pray and shown me the value that I carry as a daughter – and He has done it all within an incredible community. My testimony is that we don’t always know what we need, but He does.

Rachel Trigg

First Year Student 2020

I joined the Academy seeking healing after a very unhealthy relationship. I lost a lot of weight, self-worth and self-respect as a result of the relationship. God, through the Academy, did so much more than just heal me. I experienced unforgettable encounters with Him during worship that washed away every ounce of trauma I had. I learned how to hear God’s voice for myself and for others. I was equipped to lay hands on the sick and see them healed. I made beautiful friendships with people I get to pray, worship, and evangelise with. I was also linked in with a counsellor who is very Spirit-lead in her practice. I experienced breakthrough through simple questions the Holy Spirit prompted her to ask. Joining the Academy has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, and the decision to do Second Year has been one of the easiest. If God can bring about so much transformation in a few months, imagine what He can do in two years!!

Ruth Augustine

First Year Student 2020