The gift of administration - we need it.


I guarantee if you’re a leader – you will need to get good at administration. Even if you surround yourself with those who are gifted in administration, there’s no excuse for avoiding it yourself. This is for everyone.

For a long time, I couldn’t grasp why some people seamlessly executed administrative tasks whilst others found it to be a hard slog. It wasn’t until I recognised the gift that administration is to the body of Christ that I felt fully permissioned to accept it for myself and purposefully activate others in it. For this reason, I believe as Christians we need to recognise the importance of the gift of administration and not downplay its vital purpose in outworking Gods plans for His kingdom. Honouring the gift for what it is will ensure that believers aren’t left desiring someone else’s gifting because it seems more glamorous – know that each gift has its part to play.

Firstly, lets address some of the things that the gift of administration isn’t – so that we can see clearly what it is.

What it isn’t:

  1. Allowing others to make excuses for a lack of personal discipline or administrative skills through the gift.
  2. But neither is any other gift – this is simply a lie believed where understanding of God given gifts is lacking. Gifts are always given to position us to serve – rarely is this as glamorous as we perceive.
  3. Only a skill. It goes beyond an ability to complete tasks well.


Now, let’s have a look at what the gift of administration is as seen in the Bible. Another word for administration is leadership. This is why it is crucial for Christians to acknowledge those with the gift and to seek growth in it practically for themselves as they would with any other gift available to believers.


What it is:

  1. Necessary

God is a God of order. As much as we value spontaneity, we also need to value order in moving with the Spirit of God. God is highly intentional, and we are missing an aspect of His nature if we miss the gift that administration is in establishing order. God is a highly creative administrator.

(Genesis 1)

  1. Steering the ship.

The Greek word for administration is kubernésis – meaning steering, government, administration. It looks like having a sense of direction and helping others do what they need to get to where they should be. It is part of ensuring God’s plans can be fulfilled – the gift is for the building and edification of the church.

(1 Corinthians 12:27-28)

  1. Serving the vision and mission practically.

This gift is making sure all the necessary pieces are put together. God is in the details; He cares about the little things.

(1 Peter 4:8-11), (Exodus 25:1-22)

  1. Planning and executing policies or procedures which allow broader goals to be achieved.

Solomon’s temple was not built in a day – but it was part of seeing God’s promises fulfilled. This happened through the careful execution of God given plans and instructions.

(1 Kings 6:11-14)

  1. Project oriented, but also highly relational – the gift is for the people.

Joseph heard and trusted the voice of God, but also practically administrated the storing of food for the coming famine in Egypt. He understood God’s heart for His people and used his favour to practically prepare for what was to come.

(Genesis 47)


Like other gifts, this gift grows through reason of use. The gift requires wisdom from God to execute his plans faithfully, so for all the administrators out there – give yourself permission to do what you do well. The gift of administration and leadership go hand in hand, so don’t neglect it. If you know someone with the gift of administration, celebrate them and honour what God is doing through them. It will bless you – because what is done in the unseen prepares the way and gives structure for that which you may be called to do in the seen.